Barton Honored With 2012 Martha Washington Award

By Purnell T. Cropper | May 25, 2012

The Martha Washington Award is presented to one Arcadia University faculty or staff member at the annual end of the year Awards Luncheon. The distinction was created to honor Martha Washington, a housekeeper in Grey Towers Castle who began working for the school in 1946. Working (by her own account) without ever being late or missing a day of work until she retired over thirty years later, Mrs. Washington was known for her devotion to maintaining quality in all that she did. Her dedication to keeping high standards of campus appearance and excellence, Martha Washington left a lasting legacy at Arcadia University. This legacy is now continually reflected upon annually with the presentation of the award in her name.

Awarded to one faculty or staff member who displays consistent excellence, exceptional performance, and lasting contributions to the Arcadia University community, the 2012 Martha Washington Award was presented to Tim Barton, Director of Student Services at The College of Global Studies.

Now leading a team of 15 individuals, Barton began working at Arcadia as a Program Manager, and has moved up through the Student Services Team. In doing so, he gained the invaluable experience necessary to manage his team and relate to the unique challenges and concerns that arise from running one of the nation’s top study abroad institutions.

Writing about Barton, a colleague explains, “He is unrelentingly upbeat, able to talk to anyone at any time and to give the individual his complete and undivided attention. These individuals range from his staff, to potential applicants with an assortment of questions that will help them to decide what country to apply to, to current applicants and program students, and their families and advisors. No matter how stressful a day (or night) Tim has had, he can be relied on to ask people how they are doing, and to listen to their response.”

His dedication to excellence takes him far beyond the expectations set by any of his job descriptions. “From the night when he came back to campus to send out a message to our New Zealand students, parents and advisors about an earthquake there, to his daily interactions with a wide range of constituencies, it is clear that Tim is passionate about his work and very good at what he does.”

In addition to his daily duties, Barton just finished his second year working with the Ireland Preview Program and is also on the Committee to find the next Arcadia University Athletics Director. He is also a member of the First Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE) Managing Committee, in which he actively collaborates with various offices and departments at Arcadia to provide the FYSAE students with the personal attention that Arcadia promises.

“What makes Arcadia so very special is that everyone here puts in way more than the minimum, on virtually everything we do,” says President Carl (Tobey) Oxholm III. “We see each other as family and AU as our second home—supporting, protecting, pitching in whenever and wherever we can, and all with the attitude of enthusiasm and happiness that makes this such a great place to work. I don’t know how the Awards Committee ever could have narrowed the nominees down to a small list, and did not envy them their responsibility. But there can be no doubt at all that Tim is a remarkable member of our community. Tim is a great pick, and the recognition is very well deserved.”

Photo by Josh Blustein