Tanasi Publishes Key Archaeology Findings in Sicily

By Purnell T. Cropper | August 3, 2012

Dr. Davide Tanasi, Adjunct Professor of Archaeology and Ancient History at Arcadia University’s Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences in Syracuse, Sicily, has recently published three articles on the results of two interdisciplinary projects of digital archaeology and archaeometry in which he has been involved since fall 2011:

  • Dr. Davide Tanasi, “Beyond archaeologist’s sight. Towards an automatic system of Munsell color detection of ancient pottery” in G. Vezzalini, P. Zannini (eds.), VII Congresso Nazionale di Archeometria Archeometria, Scienza e BeniCulturali, Modena 22-24 febbraio 2012. pp. 174-186. Patron 2012. ISBN 9788855531665. Co-authored with F. Stanco, D. Tanasi, A. Gueli, G. Stella.
  • Dr. Davide Tanasi, “Computer graphics solutions for dealing with colors in archaeology,” in Proceedings of 6th European Conference on Colour in Graphics, Imaging and Vision (CGIV 2012), Amsterdam, May 6 – May 9, 2012,Society for Imaging Science and Technology, pp. 97-101. ISBN: 978-0-89208-291-9. Co-authored with F. Stanco, A. Gueli.
  • Dr. Davide Tanasi, “Study of Late Roman and Byzantine Glasses by the combined use of analytical techniques,” in Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 358.12-13, 2012, pp. 1554-1561. Co-authored with G. Barbera, G. Barone, V. Crupi, F. Longo, D. Majolino, P. Mazzoleni, G. Sabatino, V. Venuti.