Arcadia University and the School of Education Hosts HigherEdCamp, a Participant-led Conversation About Higher Education

By fdumlao | February 26, 2015

On Nov. 2, Arcadia University and the School of Education hosted HigherEdCamp, an unconference dedicated to exploring how to design meaningful learning in higher education. Seventy-five administrators, faculty, and students came together from 11 different colleges and universities to engage in participant-led conversations about flipping the college classroom, moving classrooms to learning spaces, designing certificates and workshops, podcasting, and globalizing curriculum. The unconference was designed and organized by Dr. Leif Gustavson, David Timony from Girard College, and Joanne Caione Keating from Widener University. An intrepid group of students helped set up and support the day as well: RJ Otto, Brianna Miller, Rachel Chan, Megan D’Avella, and Tori Plymouth.