Students Present at Pi Day Math Conference

By jretter | March 17, 2015

While some had their fill of pies on March 14, a group of Arcadia students spent Pi Day presenting at the Spring Meeting of Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Section of the Mathematics Association of America. The event, held at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., brought students from nine colleges and universities in the region to participate in discussions and present papers. A countdown led up to the Pi moment, 3/14/15 9:26 a.m., in recognition of an instant which occurs only once in a century.

Arcadia Presenters

  • Elizabeth Begley ’15 and Xi Xia ’16, Statistical Techniques for Balancing Samples
  • Qian Yi Cheng ’15Yimeng Zhang ’15, and Yaxuan Zhou ’15, Using the Efficient Frontier Model to Optimize Investment Portfolios
  • Matthew Hoffman ’15, Outlaw P-values and Confidence Intervals?: The Current Debate
  • Franklin Loeb ’15, The Dangers of Ignoring Hierarchical Data
  • Eric Macchi ’15 and Yihao Gu ’15, Does Auto-insurance Redlining Still Exist?

Stephanie Roscher ’16 and XinLing Wang ’15, Imputation and Related Statistical Methods