Oct. 7: Students to Hit Runway in Wearable Sculpture Show

By Christopher Sarachilli | October 7, 2015

Can you imagine a different version of yourself? What do you believe in, and how does that define you? Have you considered the complexities of disguise? How would you image a superhero that does not yet exist to look like?

Ponder these questions at the ninth annual Wearable Sculpture Show tonight, Oct. 7, at 6 p.m. in the Commons Great Room. In this year’s show, more than 60 students will model their wearable artwork on the runway, debuting pieces that reflect the theme of investigating identity.

The Wearable Sculpture Show has become a rite of passage for students taking Studio Art Foundations. Full of innovation, humor, a bit of politics, and abundant talent, the artwork in this year’s event represents five different projects directed by faculty members Carole Loeffler, Maryann Worrell, Matt Borgen, and Alisa Kleckner in their classes.