‘The PR Club’ Defines Public Relations Through Cult Classic

By Christopher Sarachilli | December 14, 2015

L to R: Mutaz Barnawi, Adam Williams, Alonzo Jones, Jaime Horenstein, Jessica Williams, Mohammad Alhumaidi, Professor Evan Welsh

Before setting out on a short business trip, Evan Welsh, professor of international public relations, left his students with one question: How do you define PR?

In response, Mohammad Alhumaidi, Mutaz Barnawi, Jaime Horenstein, Alonzo Jones, Jessica Williams, and Adam Williams—graduate students in Arcadia’s International Public Relations program—drew inspiration from The Breakfast Club to cover the Five Ws of PR (who, what, when, where, and why). Going above and beyond their midterm assignment, “The PR Club” launched a social media campaign to share their creative project.

“Every day in class we watch our video again or show our guest speakers what we’ve accomplished,” said Horenstein, who took part in the video editing and brainstorming processes. “We’ve sent the video to friends, family, colleagues, and classmates to get more views on Youtube, and we have been retweeted by PR professionals, a reporter at NBC 10, and the CEO of the Sixers.”

Despite the semester drawing to an end, Horenstein and her colleagues hope to continue building their social media presence by providing their audience with entertaining PR lessons.

“This class assignment inspired a product that we want to promote,” said Horenstein, talking about the video. “Right now we are active on YouTube and Twitter; our goal is to reach 1,000 likes. It’s a big goal, but I think we can do it.”

View the video on Youtube, follow the PR club on twitter, and like them on Facebook.