“Because Arcadia” Looking for Writers to Highlight College Experiences

By Caitlin Burns | April 28, 2016

Because Arcadia is recruiting new student writers, photographers, and videographers for the 2016-17 year. As the student blog says goodbye to three of its student writers taking the next steps towards their careers, they are looking to welcome new bloggers to discuss the challenges facing students; collaborate on projects; and work with professionals from the Philadelphia region.

Because Arcadia introduced me to so many exciting aspects of the Arcadia community,” Jen Retter ’16, blog curator and writer, said. “As bloggers, we develop our writing, attend events that peak our interest, and connect with inspiring students and faculty. The blog serves as more than just a résumé booster. It encourages writers to explore life on campus and abroad, and to record those experiences with the help of a professional editor.”

Most recently, student writers took a page from “Humans of New York” to focus on the Arcadia community and the human experiences everyone shares. With the help of Managing Editor Sandra Clark ’14MBA, who is the managing editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer, writers created “Humans of Arcadia,” which showcased 10 members of the Arcadia community.

“The range of the portraits are great— from The Chat worker who’s the heart of her neighborhood, to the professor who created the class she wished she could have taken when she was in school, to the student known for making everyone laugh but admits to his insecurity making friends,” Clark said. “I want Because Arcadia bloggers to capture life through the lenses of others, while also connecting to those who help shape their Arcadia experience.”

Writers can be of all majors and backgrounds, no experience necessary. Current writers come from backgrounds of math, science, and communications. Photographers and videographers must have experience, and submit samples of their work. Students receive a stipend for their time.

For information on joining the team, contact Courtney Wright at University Relations at wrightc01@arcadia.edu. Use the subject line “Student Blogger Application” for the email. Applications are due by Aug. 1.