Loeffler Featured in InLiquid Exhibit “Hatch”

By Caitlin Burns | February 14, 2019

Carole Loeffler, associate professor and chair of Visual and Performing Arts, is featured in “Hatch,” an art show curated by Susanna W. Gold with InLiquid. Pieces in the collection are inspired by hatching and cross-hatching, traditional art techniques used to create shading effects by drawing tightly bunched together parallel or angled lines.

Loeffler created her pieces featured in “Hatch” during her sabbatical from 2013 to 2014. The goal of her work in this collection was to “make the intangible something tangible,” such as representing the experiences of rainfall or daydreaming. In her artist statement for the exhibit, Loeffler claims that she aims to give her audience a feeling of peace and nostalgia, as well as suspend reality and empty their minds when they view her artwork.

Other artists featured in “Hatch” include Andrew Chalfen, Denise Philipbar, Donna Sensor Thomas, Jay Walker, Paul Santoleri, and Stan Smokler.

The exhibition is on view at the Art Studio Gallery at Park Towne Place in Philadelphia through March 31. InLiquid Art + Design is a nonprofit organization which provides artists in the Philadelphia area with free resources, including publication, exhibition, and grant opportunities.