POWER Prompts Discussion to Understand Various Experiences of Arcadia Community

By Caitlin Burns | December 2, 2019

Students collaborate at a table for socialize and sips

On Nov. 9, Pushing Our Women of Color To Excel in The Real World (POWER) hosted Socialize and Sip, a social experiment inspired by digital media group Jubilee.

The experiment was based on a Jubilee segment called “Spectrum,” which creates a discussion through a visual representation where people, who are thought to think alike, arrange themselves on a spectrum that shows how their opinions vary based on a series of questions. Following the questions, POWER hosted a discussion in order to better understand the various experiences of the greater Arcadia community. POWER is also working with Arcadia’s new Film Club to create video content similar to Jubilee.

“We have an event similar to this annually,” said Salma Bah ’20, POWER President. “But this is the first year we decided to do a social experiment.”