Tuition and Fees for Graduate Students

Graduate Program Fees

For the 2019-20 year, all graduate students are charged the following fees:

  • $50/semester graduate fee
  • $100/semester technology fee
  • $55/semester parking fee (annual permit available for $100)

Doctorate in Physical Therapy Tuition (x7 semesters)

  • Fall 2019 Entering Class: $15,660/semester
  • Fall 2018 Entering Class: $15,660/semester
  • Fall 2017 Entering Class: $15,625/semester

Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree- Public Health/Counseling

  • Public Health Courses: $765/credit
  • Counseling Courses: $775/credit

Dual Degree- Physician Assistant/Public Health

  • Summer 2019 entering class: $29,835/year 1: MPH Program, full-time PA tuition for years 2 & 3

Dual Degree- Physical Therapy/Masters of Public Health

  • Summer 2019 entering class: $15,240/semester (x9 semesters)

Dual Degree- International Peace & Conflict Resolution/Counseling

  • IPCR courses: $1260/credit
  • Counseling courses: $775/credit

Ed.D. in Leadership Tuition

  • Fall 2019 cohort: $990/credit
  • Fall 2018 cohort: $988/credit
  • Fall 2017 cohort: $968/credit

Forensic Science Tuition

  • $30,600/year (full-time track)
  • $1,290/credit (part-time track)

Genetic Counseling Tuition

Fall 2018 entering class: $33,915/year

International Peace & Conflict Resolution Tuition

  • Fall 2019 cohort- full-time track $30,170/year
  • Fall 2018 cohort- full-time track $30,170/year
  • Fall 2017 cohort- full-time track $29,580/year
  • Part-time $1260/credit

Masters of Business Administration with a Global Perspective Tuition

$44,280 total program (billed over 3, 5 or 6 semesters)

Orthopedic Residency Program Tuition

  • Entering summer 2019: $9,600/program
  • Current students: $800/credit

Physician Assistant Studies Tuition (x 6 semesters)

  • Summer 2019 entering class: $15,507/semester
  • Summer 2018 entering class: $15,507/semester

STEM Programs

STEM Certificate

  • $2,690/course

STEM Endorsement

  • $2,295/course

Transitional D.P.T. Tuition

  • U.S. Students $10,500/program
  • International Students $11,500/program
  • $800 per credit


Part-Time Graduate Program Tuition

  • Part-time Graduate Programs in:  Creative Writing, Education (excluding STEM, Ed.D.-see above), English, Health Education, Humanities and Public Health (stand-alone program).  Tuition for Summer 2019, Fall 2019 & Spring 2020: $765 per credit. 
  • Educational Leadership M.Ed. Executive Program students:  $1530 per course (1/3 tuition discount included).   Tuition is at the prevailing part-time graduate credit rate for ED 599 and/or any practica courses.  
  • Early Childhood Education M.Ed. Non-Certification track, PA Director Credential and Infant and Toddler Mental health program students: $1,530/course (1/3 tuition discount included)
  • Tuition for Counseling Graduate Program/courses for Summer 2019, Fall 2019 & Spring 2020: $775/credit.