40 Under 40: Jason Karlowski ’10

by Andrea Walls on February 1, 2018


Age 29

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, concentration in Marketing, minor in Economics
Senior manager of Marketing and Brand Engagement for Modell’s Sporting Goods 

Taking the knowledge that he gained as a student-athlete, Karlowski began his career at Modell’s Sporting Goods as a local community ambassador for Philadelphia and New Jersey, followed by a promotion to manager of Sports Marketing and Public Relations in New York. Now the senior manager of Sports Marketing and Brand Engagement, he oversees sports marketing, media relations, events, and social media for Modell’s 158 store locations in 10 states. Karlowski has been involved with community programs and charities including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Autism Speaks, Prostate Cancer Foundation, and Tackle Kids Cancer at Hackensack University Medical Center.

How Arcadia Influenced My Path

I’m a firm believer that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Arcadia. During my junior year, I had an interview for a marketing internship with Modell’s. It just so happened that the person to whom I would be reporting was an alumnus of Arcadia and a former baseball player. The instant connection we shared allowed the conversation to flow free—like we had known each other for years. That internship led me to where I am today and extended my passion for marketing.

Greatest Achievement

One of my greatest achievements occurred when a little boy met his biggest hero. It was one rainy January day—about a week before the Broncos vs. Seahawks Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium—when I got a call from one of our Team Gear buyers, who explained that a young boy was looking for a Derrick Coleman Seahawks jersey. The boy had seen Derrick, who is hearing impaired and wears hearing aids, in a Duracell commercial. The boy also was hearing impaired and wore hearing aids. Derrick had become his new favorite player, and he was all the boy would talk about. Inspired by the boy’s admiration for him, I reached out to Derrick. We were able to bring him into our store at the exact time when the boy and his family picked up the jersey, with Derrick surprising the boy by delivering this special package to him. When he arrived, the boy ran to Derrick in tears, giving him a huge hug—it was an unforgettable moment. A few days later, we sent the entire family to the Super Bowl. You can complete great work, win awards, and receive compensation, but there’s nothing like the feeling when you make someone’s dream come true. I’ll never forget that day.

Advice to Young Alumni

Continue to push yourself—even when no one is looking. The moment you get too comfortable is the moment that your competition will surpass you.

Continue to push yourself—even when no one is looking. The moment you get too comfortable is the moment that your competition will surpass you.