40 Under 40: Michael P. Brewer ’03

by Andrea Walls on January 8, 2018


Age 36

Bachelor of Arts in Biology
Chief of Cardiovascular Perfusion at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York

Promoted to chief of Cardiovascular Perfusion at 32 years old, Brewer has established his career in helping children with congenital heart disease. He is a Fellow in the American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion and a Fellow of Pediatric Perfusion in the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology, and he serves as secretary for the New York State Society of Cardiovascular Perfusion. Brewer has presented at numerous national and international conferences, published papers describing complex strategies to treat patients with congenital heart disease, and participated in medical mission trips, most recently to Nicaragua in 2015.

How Arcadia Influenced My Path

My Arcadia experience gave me lifelong friends. Even though we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like, we can always pick up right where we left off—during our days in 301 Knight Hall. I also believe the Biology Department at Arcadia prepared me for the advanced schooling that would come for me later. The expectations were so high in my Beaver/Arcadia classes, I needed to demand more of myself just to stay above water. It gave me a greater appreciation and love of science and led me onto my path.

It gave me a greater appreciation and love of science and led me onto my path.

- Michael P. Brewer ’03

Advice to Young Alumni

Don’t only listen to what people tell you—investigate for yourself and develop your own conclusions. In this day and age, hard work and perseverance have been supplanted by entitlement and expectations. Working hard and doing the right thing will always pay off—I’m a prime example. The only person that thought I would amount to anything, coming from a lower middle-class, single-parent apartment in Northeast Philadelphia, was me. Be your best advocate and challenge the status quo.