40 Under 40: Scott C. Holbert, Esq. ’10

by Andrea Walls on January 5, 2018


AGE 29

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy 
Assistant Solicitor for the City of Allentown, PA

Scott Holbert

Mentor Who Made an Impact 

My father has made the most impact in my life. He has always been involved in the lives of my sisters and me through sports, school activities, vacations, and social events. He provided an excellent example of how a father must balance work and family life, which I am now replicating with my wife and daughters.

How Arcadia Influenced My Path

More than anything, my time at Arcadia led to the personal relationships that matter most—those with my wife and my friends. Our student graduation speaker touched on this subject—that your first adult friendships are forged during college. Without the relationships I made at Arcadia, I would not have stayed in the area to attend Villanova Law School.

Advice to Young Alumni

New and young professionals must learn how to network and meet people. You need to become a member of professional organizations and attend social events. Advancement in your career depends on who you know, both professionally and personally. Decisions are not made solely on professional competency, but in conjunction with your ability to fit into the workplace’s social dynamic.