About the One-Stop Shop

Billing, Financial Aid and Registration

Students lead busy lives, and navigating through university administrative procedures or knowing where to turn for answers can be challenging. That’s why the One-Stop Shop staff assists all undergraduate and graduate students with issues relating to billing, financial aid and registration, including:

  • Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 
  • Completing financial aid paperwork 
  • Exploring alternative sources of funding 
  • Understanding a student’s Business Office account 
  • Resolving account and/or registration holds 
  • Preventing obstacles related to these areas 

Additional Assistance

The One-Stop Shop provides the following services:

  • Accepts deposits and payment toward a student’s account 
  • Assists with student refunds and canceling student loans 
  • Assists students in accessing the student Self-Service system to view account balances and other information 
  • Assists students in conducting free outside scholarship searches 
  • Provides assistance with resolution of issues related to campus administrative services and negotiates solutions 
  • Assistance with meal plan changes

Campus Work Study

The One-Stop Shop oversees the Campus Work Study Program. Students who are eligible for work study can contact the Center with questions regarding:

  • Job placements
  • Campus Work Study forms
  • Time sheets and due dates
  • Payroll/pay-periods
  • Paychecks
  • Signing up for direct deposit

We Can Help

Frequently Asked Questions about the One-Stop Shop.

If a student is not certain of where to go to resolve any other type of issue, One-Stop is one place to turn to! One-Stop assists students or directs them to the right individual and/or office to help resolve issues. Our office hours are student-friendly, and no appointment is necessary.

Our Staff

Dennis V. Darvas

Director, One-Stop Shop

215-517-2330 | darvasd@arcadia.edu

Daniel Yannuzzi

Senior Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

215-517-2351 | yannuzzi@arcadia.edu

Jennifer McCaffrey

Assistant Director

215-517-2332 | mccaffreyj@arcadia.edu

Ryan Bradwell

Senior One-Stop Shop Counselor

215-572-2977 | bradwellr@arcadia.edu

Christina A. Sierra

Student Payroll Manager, One-Stop Shop Counselor

215-517-2336 | sierrac@arcadia.edu