Faculty and Staff LGBTQ Allies

Allies as of July 2014

Abbey Ryan Department of Visual and Performing Arts Adjunct Professor (Spruance)
Alan Powell Media and Communications Associate Professor (Murphy 102)
Alayne Wood International Program Coordinator (Easton 244)
Ali Stefanik Enrollment Management Counselor(Castle)
Ana Maria Garcia Professor, ASCJ, Chair (Easton 341)
Angela Gillem Professor/Psychology  (Boyer 132)
Antoinette Peters Interdisciplinary (Taylor)
Breann Donnelly Student Affairs Assistant Director, Residence and Commuter Life (Knight 110)
Brittany Emswiler Manager for Institutional Relations (Larsen Hall)
Caron Dessoye One Stop Shop ( Taylor)
Cat Mattingly Assistant Dean of Students for Residents and Commuters ( Knight 110)
Christina Ager School of Education Professor (Taylor 307)
Cynthia Nichols Manager of Career Education  (Knight)
Cynthia Rutherford Counseling Services Alcohol and Other Drug Program (Heinz G. Floor)
Daniel Yannuzzi One Stop Shop, Enrollment Management  (Taylor 100)
Dian Taylor-Alleyne Associate Dean of Students (Knight 110)
Doreen Loury Professor/ASCJ and Undergraduate and Graduate Studies (Easton 334)
 Eleonora Bartoli Associate Professor, Psychology (Boyer 133)
Emily Wise Counseling Intern (Heinz)
Erin Kardon Enrollment Management (Castle)
Graciela Slesaransky-Poe Associate Professor/Special Education (Taylor 312B)
Holly R. Kirkpatrick Director of Financial Aid/Director of Enrollment Management (Castle)
Jennifer McCaffrey One Stop Shop (Taylor 100)
Jill Pederson Assistant Professor Visual and Performing Arts (Spruance 111)
Joanne Lucena Modern Language Assistant Professor (Easton 134)
Jonathan Church Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice (Easton 339)
John Noakes Associate Provost, Faculty Advisor, Student Academic Affairs  (Taylor 113)
Judith Dalton Institutional Diversity (Taylor 110)
Julie DiTrapano Director of Student Engagement (University Commons )
Kimberly Dean Associate Professor Education  (Taylor 325)
Laura Fitzwater Adjunct English Professor (Taylor 219)
Marci Oster Enrollment Management  (Castle)
Margaret Poteet Enrollment Management (Castle)
Marianne Miserandino Psychology Professor (Boyer 126)
Marion Cohen Adjunct Professor of Seminar (None Provided)
Mark Wade Director of the Theater Arts Program, Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts (Kistler 13)
May Their Aye Coordinator for Diversity Programs and Initiatives (Taylor 110)
Meghan O’Meara Health and Wellness/Counseling (Heinz G. Floor)
 Michael Morrow Assistant Professor Graduate Program in Counseling Psychology ( Boyer 124)
Michelle Reale Circulation Manager & Librarian, Library Services (Landman Library)
Peter Appelbaum School of Education (Taylor 312A)
Rick Arras Professor/Computer Science & Mathematics (Boyer 111A)
Rochelle Peterson Adjunct Professor, Education (Taylor)
Ryan Bradwell One Stop Shop (Taylor 100)
Scott Rawlins Art and Design Professor (Murphy 207)
Tanya Santangelo Assistant Professor Education  (Taylor 301)
Wendy McLauglin Enrollment Management  (Castle)