Easton Field Update: Pitch Lined For Play, Field House Taking Shape

August 8, 2012 Purnell Cropper

Grey Towers Castle serves as fitting backdrop for the Knights' new turf facility.

A look at Arcadia University's Easton Field Monday morning revealed further progress on both the playing surface and field house.

Crews have completed stitching the lines that mark the surface for soccer and lacrosse, while the midfield displays the Arcadia University logo. The addition of rubber fill be completed this week.

In addition, the new field house now sports a roof. Upon its completion, the field house will provide spectator seating, an athletic training space for athletes, a meeting room with a glorious view of the Castle, a walk-through atrium, as well as storage and restroom facilities.

How It Was Done

Photo by Josh Blustein | Video by JoLynne Bremmer & Chris Macchi

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