After Arcadia

By Daniel Brumbach | October 14, 2016

Each year, the Office of Career Education surveys the previous year’s graduating class to determine post-graduate outcomes. This year’s data revealed that 99 percent of respondents from the Class of 2015 had secured post-graduate opportunities—careers, graduate school, and volunteer or military service—within nine months after graduation. 

Based on an 86 percent response rate, the sampling of employers highlights graduates who are contributing to organizations across the country and around the world, including Google, The Walt Disney Company, and Teach for America. An additional sampling of graduate programs shows members of the Class of 2015 furthering their education at institutions such as Johns Hopkins School of Education, Columbia University, and Villanova University.

Here are a few examples of what members of the Arcadia University Class of 2016 are doing now.

After Arcadia Gallery
Anil Beephan Jr.
Political Science major
Aids in the legislative process as a Legislative Assistant for the New York State Senate.


After Arcadia Gallery
Delaena Cline
Biology major
Matriculated into the MD program at Howard University School of Medicine.


After Arcadia Gallery
Jennifer Clark
Computing Technology and Design major
Develops digital strategies as a Graphic and Web Designer at Primex Garden Center.


After Arcadia Gallery
Jenna Mirabelli
Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing
Collaborates with customers and retailers as an Assistant Planner at Global Brands Group.


After Arcadia Gallery
Danielle Weiner
Accounting major
Provides extensive tax services to clients as a Tax Associate at international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.


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Timothy Randall
Political Science major
Serves as a Secondary English Teacher in Ukraine through the Peace Corps.


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Sarah Hubbard
MPH in Public Health
Improves communication strategies for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as a Clinical Research Assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


After Arcadia Gallery
Francesca Mayr
Global Media/Visual Journalism and Graphic Design double major
Creates visual content as a Graphic Designer at Globo, a language service provider.


After Arcadia Gallery
Vincent Voulo
Business Administration major, Marketing and Management concentration
Provides investment guidance as a Client Relationship Specialist in Flagship Services at Vanguard.