AGS Professors Graziano, Yates Talk Holy War and Dynastic Rule

By Christopher Sarachilli | June 25, 2015

On June 17, Dr. Manlio Graziano, professor of geopolitics at the American Graduate School in Paris (AGS), presented his book Holy War and Holy Alliance: Religions and International Disorder in the 21st Century to the United Nations Correspondents Association at UN headquarters.

The book addresses religion in world politics, stressing that this relationship over-emphasizes fundamentalist Islam. Dr. Graziano asserts that all traditional religions interfere with politics through “holy war” and questions the possibility of alliances between global religions.

Dr. Graziano teaches geopolitics at AGS and the University of La Sorbonne. He writes for La Voce Di New York, a news site for the Italian-American community, and collaborates with Italian news outlet Corriere della Sera, geopolitics journal Limes in Rome, and the International Affairs Forum in Washington, D.C.

Watch Dr. Graziano’s presentation online.

Dr. Douglas Yates, adjunct professor of history and political science at AGS, was invited to publish an article in Oxford Bibliographies online, a resource that combines encyclopedia and bibliography.

The article addresses the dynastic rule in which nearly one-quarter of global heads-of-state are members of a succession of prominent politicians from the same family. Some are constitutional or absolute monarchs, some exist in dynastic republics, and others are famous families in modern democracies. Yates’ article examines reasons for the longevity and questions the adaptability of dynastic rule.

Dr. Yates is an adjunct professor at AGS and an associate professor at the University of Cergy-Pontoise. He has published widely. Recent books include The Scramble for African Oil: Oppression, Corruption and War for Control of Africa’s Natural Resources and The French Oil Industry and the Corps des Mines in Africa.

Read more about Dr. Graziano and Dr. Yates on the AGS website.

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