Arcadia Introduces High School Students to Actuarial Science Program, Assists with Scholarship Challenge

By Dan DiPrinzio | November 8, 2023
High School students getting to know Arcadia University

Arcadia University, in partnership with CiGNA Healthcare and the Actuarial Foundation, hosted students from George Washington High School for a workshop to introduce them to the Actuarial Science program here at the university and assist those participating in the Modeling the Future Challenge. 

The workshop included an introduction to Arcadia University, the Actuarial Science program, a tour of the campus, a presentation from a current actuary at CIGNA Health, and the opportunity to start the first phase of the the Modeling the Future Challenge with help from Arcadia Actuarial Science students. 

The Modeling the Future Challenge is a competition for high school students interested in studying actuarial science. The competition requires students to conduct their own research project modeling real-world data to analyze risks and make recommendations to companies, industry groups, government agencies, or organizations. Over $60,000 in scholarships will be given out to students as a result of their work. 

“The Actuarial Science program has been amazing for me,” said Illija Chacon Flores ‘24, a student who assisted during the workshop and who will graduate this spring. “It’s a relatively small major compared to others on campus, so you have that individualized touch with the advisors. The advisors themselves have been great. In fact, some are actuaries themselves that can help you prepare for the outside exams.” 

“The courses here prepare you for the actuary exams, so everything we do here is directly related material that we will need going forward,” Chacon Flores added. “My advisor helped me find a scholarship for Latino actuaries that actually led to an internship and now a job at NationWide.”

Maria Davis ‘25, a junior in the Actuarial Science program who also assisted with the workshop, said getting the program out in front of high school students is important because it can help prepare them for the challenges and opportunities it presents.

“When I got to Arcadia, I had no idea what an actuary was,” said Davis. “I was in a completely different major and never heard of something I could do with applied math that was this interesting. So allowing high school students to get a head start and learn about actuarial  science will help them focus on their math skills and prepare them for the program.”

Davis, who will graduate next year and has participated in multiple Study Abroad opportunities as part of the actuarial science major, said she has enjoyed the program so far and is looking forward to the opportunities it will present in her future career.

“It’s incredible… it’s been such a personal experience,” she said. “I feel supported and can ask questions every step of the way. The advisors and professors have helped me make connections that I would not have had otherwise”. Maria is currently set to start her second actuarial summer internship in Summer 2024.

To learn more about the Actuarial Science program at Arcadia University, please click here.