Arcadia Public Art Project Receives Positive Community Feedback

By Caitlin Burns | March 17, 2017

Arcadia University students in the apprenticeship program (Entrepreneurship/Gallery Apprenticeship) and renowned muralist David Guinn received positive feedback at the community forum they hosted on March 6, where they presented a sketch of the public art project for Glenside station.

Approximately 75 members of the Arcadia and local communities turned out for the unveiling, which incorporated ideas curated through an open forum on Feb. 15 as well as a community survey.

“The main ideas behind the design is Glenside’s character as a place with a small-town feel, one that is walkable and has plenty of green space,” said Guinn, who is also an adjunct professor at Arcadia.

Based on community feedback, Guinn said the sketch will be refined and a final design will be presented at the Cheltenham Board of Commissioners meeting on April 5.

“The sketch sparked a hardy conversation, but it was all good feedback,” said Laura Baldwin, chief marketing & communications officer at Arcadia and coordinator of the Public Art program. “It was great to see the community so open and receptive. They had a lot of good feedback that students will now take into consideration for the final sketch.”

Proposed mural sketch by Arcadia students.

Mural sketch proposed by the class to Glenside residents. 


Proposed Nightime LED version of the mural sketch by Arcadia students.t

Nighttime LED version of the Glenside Mural sketch proposed. 

Students will begin painting the mural in early April, with a community ceremony scheduled for April 22 at 1 p.m. during the Glenside Arts Festival. However, students are hoping to continue the community involvement through donations that will be used to purchase materials for the mural. Community members and businesses that contribute to the mural will be named on a plaque at Glenside station.