Arcadia’s Department of Physical Therapy Featured in Teamup Blog

By Ryan Hiemenz | December 20, 2023
The calendar for Arcadia's DPT program.

Arcadia University’s Department of Physical Therapy was featured in a recent blog by Teamup, highlighting the department’s management of complex scheduling for in-person and hybrid programming. Bre Taylor ’23MPH, a program support specialist within the department, was cited multiple times throughout the piece as she explained how she uses Teamup to schedule programming for over 250 students.

“In 2020, we added a new program pathway that allows students to earn their DPT degree in a hybrid format,” Taylor said. “With the addition of this program, we knew our scheduling technology would have to change as we moved into the space of digital learning.”

Taylor and the entire curriculum staff (Holly McGarrity, Joanie Reinheimer, and Jess Schrading)  have effectively maintained the organization of spacing, instructors, class times, and other events. This can then be accessed by importing to Google Calendars or directly from the Teamup app, providing an enhanced student, faculty, and staff experience in the department. 

Arcadia’s Information Technology (IT) team researched several different solutions to the PT department’s scheduling challenges, eventually leading them to Teamup. Managing the programming in this way allows the department to turn more attention toward larger events for the future, including a national PT conference in 2025.