Art History Enthusiasts Society to Meet Virtually

By Caitlin Burns | February 17, 2021

Art history enthusiasts now have their own club on campus, after the Art History Enthusiasts Society (AHES) was approved at the Dec. 1 Student Government Organization (SGO) meeting. AHES President and Art History and History dual major Julia Maurer ’23 said that the club is designed to provide those with an interest in art history an opportunity to learn about the subject in a casual, relaxed, and open-minded environment. 

“Something that I specifically want to focus on is topics in art that aren’t from a western lens, in an effort to promote diversity and inclusivity,” said Maurer. “When this pandemic finally resides, I would love to organize local museum excursions for club members as well.”

To be more inclusive, the club has developed a series of lectures for students by students, along with movie nights, trivia, study sessions, and discussions about controversial topics in the art history realm—all of which will be done virtually.

Maurer said that AHES was inspired by other clubs that centered around majors like the Biology and Psychology clubs and wanted to bring together a smaller community on campus to give a creative outlet to interested students who major in Art or not. 

The executive board includes Vice President Antonio Solari ’22, Art History major; Secretary Olivia Armacost ’21, Art History and Business Administration major; Treasurer Jessica Smith ’22, Art History major; and Historian Kat Bleiweiss ’21 (who also runs their social media), Art History major. Elizabeth Ferrell, assistant professor of Visual and Performing Arts, is the faculty adviser. 

Arcadia University has a renowned art history—from internationally recognized artists serving as faculty to the world class exhibitions curated by Arcadia Exhibitions. One of Arcadia’s most known art faculty was Benton Spruance, who began his career at Beaver College in 1926 as a part-time instructor. Spruance was made a full professor and chair of the Art Department in 1933, a position he held for 34 years.

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