Atkins Explores Ethical and Social Issues in Sports in New Book

By Emily Horowitz | March 27, 2024

This month marked the release of a new book by Larry Atkins, adjunct professor of journalism, titled “Foul or Fair?: Ethical and Social Issues in Sports.”

“Foul or Fair?” combines quotes from writers, broadcasters, athletes, and coaches with Atkins’ own observations of how sports affect our daily lives and society. One of the courses Atkins teaches at Arcadia served as the inspiration for the book.

“Growing up, I loved playing and watching sports,” he said. “This love of sports has lasted throughout my life. In addition to watching games in person and on television, I have always been interested in the social and ethical aspects of sports. This interest led me to suggest teaching a University Seminar at Arcadia on Social and Ethical Issues in Sports, which I have taught for over a decade. Teaching this course furthered my interest in this topic and inspired me to write the book. I wanted to share my passion about this topic with others through my book.”

Many of the topics explored in “Foul or Fair?”—including paying college athletes, gambling, athletes speaking out on social issues, politics, and the Olympics, and fan behavior—correlate to the content Atkins teaches in his university seminar and Sports Law and Ethics course. There are quotes in the book from Arcadia Sport Management professors Dr. Jun Kim and Joe Valerio, as well as Chris Goldberg ’05EdD, founder of

“Foul or Fair?” is Atkins’ third book. It can be purchased on Amazon