Bre Taylor ’23MPH Presents at Philly Public Health Day

By Emily Horowitz | April 8, 2024
Bre Taylor presenting at Public Health Day in Philly on April 3, 2024

LaBreshia “Bre” Taylor ’23MPH, program support specialist for Arcadia’s Department of Physical Therapy, was selected to present at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia’s Public Health Day.

Taylor attended the event on April 3 as a representative of Along The Way, a forward-thinking organization committed to improving social determinants of health (SDoH) by providing workforce development solutions. As stated in the presentation proposal, “Currently, the U.S. is experiencing a complex childcare crisis that extends beyond matters of convenience, family dynamics, or cost. Childcare has become a barrier to the workforce for both parents and employers. Without childcare, parents cannot work, and without work, parents cannot provide for their families. Additionally, employers face staffing concerns as their current and potential workforce navigate childcare arrangements.”

Taylor’s hope was that Public Health Day would give Along The Way the opportunity to connect with employers exploring childcare benefit options for their employees; social service organizations for client referrals; potential investors; and students looking for internship or practicum hours.

Taylor connected with Along the Way as a student herself while completing internship hours for the MPH program. She continues to support the organization in its goal of creating innovative workforce development solutions. 

Each year on Public Health Day, local non-profit organizations, academic institutions, governmental agencies, and individuals in the public health space gather at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia in Center City to share their work and network.