Brinker Publishes Paper on Economic Citizenship in the Caribbean

By schwartzsa | January 14, 2013

Thomas Brinker, Jr., Professor of Accounting and Executive Director of the MBA Program, authored a paper, “Economic Citizenship in the Caribbean: A Retirement Planning Consideration?”, which was published in the January 2013 edition of the Journal of Financial Service Professionals.

As individuals approach retirement age, many have heard of the benefits of living in the Caribbean, especially if  “paradise” is a no or low income and estate tax jurisdiction. Although taxation is always an issue, many internationally active individuals consider freedom of movement, travel and visa restrictions, and the question of citizenship of equal importance. This adds to the complexity of the retirement planning process. This month’s column explores the basics of “Citizenship-by-Investment” or “Economic Citizenship” programs, and the Caribbean countries that actually allow this opportunity.