Correll featured in ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’

By Caitlin Burns | September 27, 2019

Melissa Correll, faculty librarian for Education, was featured in “Why Pennsylvania jury duty pays $9 per day” in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Aug 26.

After being called for jury duty two years in a row, Correll left a comment on Curious Philly, a Philadelphia Inquirer forum for local phenomena, about Philadelphia’s juror compensation, which led Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Lucia Geng to her next story.

“Low juror pay can discourage potential jurors from responding to summonses, according to a report by the First Judicial District,” wrote Geng. “Or, as Correll pointed out in an email to The Inquirer, ‘I am lucky enough to get release time for jury duty from my employer, but I imagine that’s not the case for everyone.’”