Dr. Bartoli, Dr. Michael Publish New AntiRacist Book, “Our Problem, Our Path” 

By John DeRosier | September 6, 2022

New book calls on white people to talk about race.

Our Problem Our Path Book Cover

Dr. Eleonora Bartoli, former director of the graduate program in Counseling at Arcadia University, and Dr. Ali Michael, adjunct professor in Psychology at Arcadia, recently published “Our Problem, Our Path: Collective AntiRacism for White People.”

The book calls on white people to talk about race with one another in “ways that are generative, sustaining, and lead to real change.” 

“It’s not enough to have one antiracist white person in an organization or political body. If we are going to change this country, we need millions of white people to walk an antiracist path for eight generations,” said Drs. Bartoli and Michael. “That means that it matters how we talk to one another. This book is for white people who identify as antiracist but who don’t know how to engage—or who struggle to engage—other white people (their children, partners, neighbors, friends, students, colleagues, white people in their voting district) in a way that helps them begin to develop their own antiracism practice, rather than feeling shamed or silenced.”

The book can be purchased on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold.

About the Authors:

Ali Michael, Ph.D., is co-director of the Race Institute for K-12 Educators. She works with schools and organizations across the country to help make research on race, whiteness, and education more accessible and relevant to educators.

Eleonora Bartoli, Ph.D., is a consultant and licensed psychologist, specializing in trauma, resilience-building, and multicultural/social justice counseling.