Dr. Bonin Presents on 19th Century French Culture Clash

By Caitlin Burns | January 13, 2020

Assistant Professor of French Dr. Kate Bonin presented on Stendhal’s novel Armance (1827) at the 45th annual Nineteenth Century French Studies Colloquium on Nov. 1 in Sarasota, Fla. Themed “Enchantment/Disenchantment,” the conference focused on the clash of faith, magic, and tradition with innovation and science in 19th century France. 

Dr. Bonin’s paper, “Octave de Malivert, Illusionist?,” focused on the magical talent of Octave de Malivert, the main character of Armance, and how his use of chemistry to create illusion calls into question an “authentic action of men” during the end of France’s Bourbon Restoration period (1814-30), when adherents to old nobility standards of patronage and privilege entered into direct competition with new sources of wealth, power, and influence.