Dr. Juan Duque Appointed to Arcadia University Board of Trustees

By Emily Horowitz | April 19, 2024
Juan F. Duque

Juan Duque, PhD, Assistant Professor and Chair of Psychology at Arcadia University, has been unanimously appointed to the University’s Board of Trustees, effective June 1, 2024.

Juan earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and graduated with honors from the University of Maryland, College Park, where he also minored in Neuroscience. He then completed a master’s and doctorate in Psychology from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in the Neuroscience and Behavior program. Juan joined the faculty at Arcadia in 2018 and was named department chair in 2024. 

During his time at the University, he has spearheaded the development and passage of a new Psychology curriculum, published several articles in academic journals, and received thousands of dollars in grants and awards. Juan is the principal investigator of the Research on Altruism and PsychoPharmacology (RAPP) Lab, through which he oversees senior projects and collaborates with various faculty on ongoing lines of research. His research falls under the themes of mechanisms underlying social behavior in animals and academic wellbeing and perceptions of social behavior in humans. Recently, he collaborated with Arcadia undergraduates to co-publish research on gender stereotypes and academic wellbeing, and is actively pursuing stress hormone research.

The Board of Trustees of Arcadia University first approved the addition of a University faculty member to the Board of Trustees in August 2023 to establish greater engagement with the faculty and to bring the perspectives and sensibilities of faculty to the governance of the institution. The faculty trustee does not act as a representative of the University faculty but instead brings the perspectives of faculty to governance issues and adheres to the same fiduciary and other standards that are required of all Trustees of the University.

The Board of Trustees welcomes Juan and looks forward to working with him at the next Board meeting.