Dr. Kurthakoti Named Best Instructor of 2017 X-Culture Competition

By RetterJ | June 16, 2017

Dr. Raghu Kurthakoti, assistant professor of Marketing in the School of Global Business, received a Best Instructor Award for his contributions to the 2017 X-Culture Competition, a large-scale learning exercise that provides students firsthand experience in international, virtual collaboration.

Dr. Kurthakoti, one of 169 faculty participants, helped students devise business strategies and solutions throughout the spring semester. Student competitors, representing six continents, 40 countries, and 125 colleges and universities, were divided into 902 virtual teams, enabling an exchange of global perspectives and diverse business practices.

Instructors who went the extra mile were rated and ranked according to 124 variables, including class-average performance, student support, report quality, and preparation of project materials. Dr. Kurthakoti’s ratings reflect the caliber of his intellectual contributions, evaluations, and collegiality.