Dr. Longacre, Odelberg ’20MPH Co-author Oncology Article in Cancer Care Research

By Daniel DiPrinzio | January 17, 2022
Arcadia University’s Associate Professor of Public Health Margaret Longacre, Ph.D.

Arcadia University’s Associate Professor of Public Health Margaret Longacre, Ph.D., and graduate student Michelle Odelberg ’20MPH recently co-authored with researchers from Fox Chase Cancer Center an article on integrating family caregivers into health care systems that was published in Cancer Care Research Online. The article, “Palliative Care Clinicians’ Perspectives of an Integrated Caregiver Patient-Portal System in Oncology,” was published Dec. 15.  

Dr. Longacre, who is chair of the Public Health Department, MPH director, and assistant dean of research for the College of Health Sciences at Arcadia, is the article’s lead and corresponding author. The article notes how “the researchers developed an Integrated Caregiver Patient-Portal system that (1) allows a patient to identify their primary caregiver, and their communication preferences; (2) connects the caregiver to a unique portal page to indicate their needs; and (3) informs the care team of dyad responses to aid in integrating the caregiver.”

Cancer Care Research Online: December 2021 – Volume 1 – Issue 4 – p e014
Authors: Longacre, Margaret L. PhD; Chwistek, Marcin MD; Collins, Molly MD; Odelberg, Michelle MPH; Siemon, Mark MS; Keleher, Cynthia PhD; Fang, Carolyn Y. PhD