Dr. O’Connor Named Professor Emeritus After 50 Years of Service

By RetterJ | June 4, 2018

In recognition of 50 years of teaching excellence, groundbreaking research, and dedicated service to Arcadia University, Dr. Finbarr O’Connor, professor and chair of Philosophy and Religion, has been named Professor Emeritus. Dr. O’Connor has served as a full professor since 1990 and has chaired Philosophy and Religion for 28 years.

Since coming to Beaver College in 1968, Dr. O’Connor has taught philosophy, psychology, and ethics courses and led University seminars such as “Evil and its Controversies.” Regarded as knowledgeable, encouraging, and “the coolest professor ever” by his students, Dr. O’Connor received the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award in 1982 and was named Professor of the Year in 2001.

Author of several acclaimed publications, Dr. O’Connor continues to expand ethics, sociology, and philosophy studies. In 1994, he co-authored Critique of Applied Ethics: Reflections and Recommendations, a textbook that spans the history of philosophy to examine practical applications of ethics theory in modern society.  

Dr. O’Connor’s colleagues noted his outstanding commitment to collaboration, particularly when completing University-level composition studies alongside Dr. Elaine Maimon, former professor of English and founder of the Writing Across the Curriculum program; Dr. Gerald Belcher, former professor of History; and Dr. Barbara Nodine, professor emerita of Psychology. He co-authored three books with Arcadia colleagues and conducted research with faculty from the University of Pennsylvania.

A frequently elected member of Faculty Council, Dr. O’Connor emphasized the importance of working on behalf of faculty and engaging in administration initiatives throughout his career.