Fall 2015 Priority Registration Tips

By jretter | April 3, 2015

The Registrar’s Office would like to remind students of the upcoming Priority Registration for Fall 2015. Priority Registration begins Monday, March 30, 2015! To help plan accordingly please read the follow Registration Tips:

1. Undergraduates, did you know that you need your adviser’s signature on your registration form to register in the office? Make an appointment with your adviser today to plan for Registration. Here is a link to the updated registration form.

2. Students with financial, library or health records holds will not be permitted to register. Once your hold is cleared you can register on the appropriate listed date. If you are on a grade hold, you may still register and access grades is available on Self Service.

  • Please contact the One Stop Shop at 215-517-2339 if you have a financial hold
  • Contact the Library 215-572-2975 if you have a library hold.
  • Contact the Student Health Services 215-572-2999 if you have a health hold.

3. Each course has a course code and section number. Example: MA110.1, “MA110” is the course code and “.1” is the section. The section number helps determine the instructor and day and time of your course.

4. Your registration date is determined by the total number of completed credits. The total number of completed credits (including transfer credit) is found by logging into Self Service and reviewing the online transcript to locate the “total credits” amount for the last graded semester.

5. Upper-class Undergraduate students (who have 57 or more completed credits) and Graduate students, may register online through Self Service. Upper class Undergraduate student’s advisers provide an electronic approval.

6. Students registering with fewer than 12 completed credits will have their forms collected in the Registrar’s Office on their registration date. It’s necessary to collect these course selection forms and to complete registration administratively to guarantee appropriate schedule for all students. Please continue to check your schedules after you submit your form, as schedules can still change.

7. Ask your adviser for some alternative course selections. You can list these on your registration form. This will identify some courses in the event that one or more of the desired courses have reached maximum capacity.

8. Full-time enrollment is defined as 12 or more credits. If you go below 12 it could affect your financial aid, housing, and athletic programs.

9. If you select 20 or more credits, the “Petition for Overload” form must be completed and approved by the Dean’s Office.

10. Being wait-listed for a course does not guarantee a spot for you within the course. You will be added if a spot becomes available. Please keep an eye on your schedule on your Self Service account and on your email for correspondence for your wait-listed courses.

11. New for Fall 2015, please note each course’s session within the term.

  • Courses in Fall session 01 span the entire semester,
  • Courses in Fall session 02 typically span only the first half of the semester,
  • Courses in Fall session 03 typically span only the last half of the semester.

Please keep an eye on your email for important information about Priority Registration. Follow us on Facebook to find additional information for news in the Registrar’s Office.