Students and Faculty Present at 2024 American Academy of Forensic Sciences Conference

By Haley Bibey | March 4, 2024
Forensic Science second-year students and faculty at the AAFS conference in Denver, Colorado, February 2024

Arcadia University’s Master of Science in Forensic Science (MSFS) graduate program had the incredibly exciting opportunity to travel to Denver, Colorado, for the 76th annual American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) 2024 Scientific Conference.

Eight second-year MSFS graduate students, one Arcadia MSFS program alumna, and an Arcadia faculty member were selected to present their research project findings in Forensic Biology, Chemistry, and Toxicology at the AAFS Conference in Denver from Feb. 21-23.

Arcadia University and the Department of Forensic Science are extremely proud of all their Forensic Science graduate students and all of their hard work with their research, including their posters and/or presentations. 

See below for a list of Arcadia students/alumna/faculty research posters/presentations:

Wednesday, February 21

Brayleigh Keefe, MSFS Graduate Student; Poster Presentation:

“An Initial Investigation of the Applied BiosystemsTM SeqStudioTM Genetic Analyzer for Human Identification Purposes.”

Mikayla Siegfried, MSFS Graduate Student; Poster Presentation: 

“A Qualitative Analysis of Natural, Synthetic, and Semi-Synthetic Cannabinoids in Vape Products by GC/MS.”

Shayna Kasher, MSFS Graduate Student; Poster Presentation: 

“Method Development for a Quantitative Panel of Psychoactive Adulterants in Biological Matrices using LC/MS/MS.”

Thursday, February 22

Dr. Fabio Oldoni and his collaborators, Arcadia MSFS Program Director; Oral Presentation:

“A Global Survey on Activity-Level DNA Evaluative Reporting.”

Lauren Hoopes, MSFS Graduate Student; Oral Presentation:

“An Investigation of Handling Time on the Deposition and Persistence of Trace DNA in Pickpocket Scenarios.”

McKenna Bonn-Savage, MSFS Graduate Student; Oral Presentation:

“The Design of a Protocol for Detecting Trace DNA From Skin-to-Skin Contact in a Mock Physical Assault Scenario.”

Haley Bibey, MSFS Graduate Student; Oral Presentation

“A Quantitative Confirmation Assay of New and Emerging Synthetic Cannabinoids by LC/QqQ/MS.”

Lauren Hoopes, MSFS Graduate Student; Poster Presentation 

“Exploring the Performance of an Initial Set of DIP-STR Markers for Biogeographic Ancestry Prediction in United States Populations.”

Sophie Lee, MSFS Graduate Student; Poster Presentation

“The Optimization of DNA Extraction Methods From Alternative Reference Materials.”

Scarlet Neilson, MSFS Graduate Student; Poster Presentation

“Body Fluid Identification From Mixed Samples and Male DNA Confirmation Utilizing SERATEC PSA and PMB Tests.”

Kali Goding, Arcadia MSFS Program Alumna (Class of 2023)Oral Presentation

“A Review of Global Egg and Nestling Theft and Collection Practices.”

Friday, February 23

Sophie Lee, MSFS Graduate Student; Oral Presentation

“An Evaluation of the FORCE Panel on Alternative Reference Materials.”

Dr. Fabio Oldoni, Arcadia MSFS Program Director; Session Moderator

“DNA Potpourri.”

Forensic Science second-year students and faculty at the AAFS conference in Denver, Colorado, February 2024

Arcadia University and the Department of Forensic Science congratulate the MSFS second-year graduate students, MSFS program alumna, and the Forensic Science faculty for the opportunity to share their diligent work in multiple fields of forensic science at the 2024 AAFS Scientific Conference.