Through Dec. 20: Arcadia’s Hughes Presents Multimedia Installation at Germantown Theater

By Danita Mapes | November 30, 2022

Visitors will experience “the sensations of floatation therapy”

Gralin Hughes, an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Media and Communication stands in front of “Supine Horizons,” a multimedia installation at the KDD (Kinesics Dance Dynamics) Theatre in Germantown

Gralin Hughes, adjunct professor in the department of Media and Communication at Arcadia University, presents “Supine Horizons,” a multimedia installation at the KDD (Kinesics Dance Dynamics) Theatre in Germantown, through Tuesday, Dec. 20. 

According to Philadelphia Contemporary, visitors to the installation will experience “the sensations of floatation therapy amidst relaxing, ambient soundscapes and soothing projected visuals.” Visitors are encouraged to reserve their rest session in advance and dress comfortably and can stay for up to an hour. This rest-centered experience was curated by Nicole Pollard, Philadelphia Contemporary’s Curator of Lived Culture. 

Supine Horizons seeks to dismantle the idea that rest is solely a luxury or a privilege and aims to subvert capitalist ideals of “hustle” and “grind” culture, to instead center rest as the ultimate form of self-care and collective healing, particularly for the Black community.

Hughes teaches video production courses at Arcadia and is known for his work intersecting sound and visuals through installations, projections, and performances. He has created visual performances for the Barnes Foundation, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia City Hall, and more.

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