Knight to Know: Ethan Rodriguez ’25

By Ryan Hiemenz | September 26, 2023

Major: Media and Communication with a concentration in multimedia publishing

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (North Philadelphia/Kensington area)

Extracurricular Activities:

I am the PR person and writer for the on-campus magazine LocoMag, and a freelancer for WHYY, PbsNewshour, and Campus Philly. I’ve recently worked on Campus Philly’s Guide where I highlighted my neighborhood, and I’m currently collaborating with PBS & WHYY on a gun violence documentary. And every summer I work with the University Community Collaborative through Temple, where I’m a media educator and teach High School student media production. Of course, alongside being a blogger for Because Arcadia!

Favorite Arcadia Memory:

My favorite Arcadia memory is when I was still trying to figure out my gender identity, and I decided to wear a dress for the first time to class. I was so nervous and was expecting people to make fun of me. Instead, I got so many compliments that day. That was the day I found out I was free to express myself on this campus, in any way that felt good for me. It’s what gave me the confidence to openly express my fluidity, and now I can wear whatever makes me feel beautiful.

Post Graduation Plans/Goals:

I hope to one day be a political journalist, making content for activism purposes and highlighting things that matter. I also hope to continue to work with young creators and support them in their own production. Cause I think the youth has more power than they think! Young adults included.