Knight to Know: Heidi Herbawi ’24

By Ryan Hiemenz | May 9, 2024
Heidi Herbawi

Hometown: Boston, Mass.

Major: Scientific Illustration

Extracurriculars: Japanese Language Club

Favorite Arcadia Memory: Staying up late watching Netflix and studying bio with my friends, and picnicking on the Haber Green in springtime.

Post-grad Plans/Goals: Post graduation, I am applying to Johns Hopkins Medical Illustration Masters program as well as the University of Toronto’s. I plan on traveling to Japan as well as doing a Northern European tour to look at a few graduate schools abroad. I’d like to work as well and do some freelance while I finish my graduate school applications.

I arrived at this institution with no traditional schooling background. I’m excited to be graduating from Arcadia with a 4.0 GPA and a published scientific/biological illustrator.

Herbawi was awarded the Friends of Arcadia University Art Gallery Award at this year’s Honors Convocation. “As a Scientific Illustration Major, the biggest challenge is being able to dedicate yourself to two vastly different worlds, in the biological sciences and the arts, and then bring the two together in your work,” explained the faculty that nominated her. “During her time at Arcadia, Heidi has excelled at achieving this balance and it shows in her work, both inside and outside of the Scientific Illustration studio. Her artistic talent is only outshined by her positivity and humility.”