New Knight to Know: Haylie Jarnutowski ’26

By Emily Horowitz | August 15, 2022
Haylie Jarnutowski in elegant dress on staircase

Haylie Jarnutowski

Major: Creative Writing

Hometown: Quakertown, Pa.

Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Sewing, Archery, Music

Why Arcadia: Choosing Arcadia was really a process of finding somewhere I could be comfortable. As someone with an anxiety disorder, I knew I wanted to find a community that would push me outside my comfort zone but also aid me in any troubles I might have with that. The sense of family that I felt as soon as I stepped on the campus was immediate, and I knew it was a place where I could find people who wanted to push me to grow, learn, and create.

What I’m most looking forward to at Arcadia: Working on collaborative projects with other creators. I want to branch out and take on projects that will allow me to test the waters of other aspects of my creativity. I really want to bring a lot of my own ideas to campus. Whether it be tea parties in the courtyard or ballroom dances in the castle, I think that hosting a lot of fun events with like-minded people is something I really want to do.

What I hope to accomplish at Arcadia: I can only hope that my next four years at Arcadia will be spent creating things I can be proud of. I know the university will help me to grow. Writing has always been a major part of my life, and being able to pursue it as a career is really exciting for me.