Omani Official Proposes Archaeology Programs for Arcadia Students

By RetterJ | May 9, 2018

Dr. Said bin Nasser Al Salmi, director general of the Office of His Majesty the Sultan’s Advisor for Cultural Affairs in Oman, met with President Ajay Nair on April 27 to discuss expanding Arcadia’s programs in Oman.

An archaeologist by training, Dr. bin Nasser Al Salmi expressed interest in Arcadia’s Preview course to Muscat, Oman, led by Adjunct Professor Allyson McCreery and Dean of International Affairs Warren Haffar. “Explore Oman: Culture, History, and Archaeology in the Gulf Region” examines the social, economic, and political dimensions of the Sultanate of Oman, focusing on environment, religion, language, and migration to help students understand Oman’s complex history and range of cultural identities.

In March, Dr. bin Nasser Al Salmi met with Dr. Jeffrey Rose, an archaeologist who earned National Geographic’s Emerging Explorer recognition in 2012, to pitch Arcadia’s involvement in Omani archaeological studies beyond Preview. To facilitate field work collaboration between Omani and Arcadia students, the impending proposal will also encourage the establishment of a research center in Oman.