Martha Smee ’25MMS, MPH’s Research Featured on American Public Health Association Blog

By Ryan Hiemenz | July 17, 2023
A photo of Martha Smee '25 MMS, MPH in a PA student white coat.

On June 26, Martha Smee ’25MMS, MPH and Heather F. McClintock, PhD, MSPH, MSW, associate professor of Public Health at Arcadia University, published the first entry in the American Public Health Association (APHA) International Health Section’s blog series on Universal Health Coverage (UHC). 

Smee and McClintock’s blog post, titled “An Overview of Universal Health Coverage,” outlines the growing interest in the idea of universal health coverage in various countries, dissects many differing definitions of what UHC is while providing a stronger definition, and finally notes key details to consider in the push for UHC. In their research they explain, “Greater UHC is correlated with higher life expectancy at birth and fewer unmet healthcare needs. By contrast, increased rates of out-of-pocket payment are correlated with lower life expectancy. The data shows that access to health services and protection against financial ruin lead to better health outcomes and thereby increased life expectancy.” This is only the beginning for Smee and McClintock though; their blog series will continue with new entries throughout the summer.

Smee’s research interests within the dual MPH/MMS program at Arcadia include health policies, access to mental health services, and environmental health. The International Health Section works to promote global health throughout the APHA and is dedicated to building a community of global health professionals who share scientific knowledge and experiences with peers and the broader public.