Students Present at Research Symposium

By Caitlin Burns | May 2, 2019

Group photo of students who participated.

Arcadia students presented research on a variety of topics at the 30th annual Saint Joseph’s University Sigma Xi Student Research Symposium on April 5.

The symposium is open to both undergraduate and graduate students engaged in mathematics, computer science, engineering, and natural or social sciences research. This year, 28 Arcadia students—supervised by Computer Science and Mathematics faculty Dr. Kathy Macropol, associate professor, Dr. Vitaly Ford, assistant professor, and Dr. Yanxia Jia, associate professor—presented on data mining, machine learning, cybersecurity, computer science education, and more.

Student participants and projects included:

  • Collin Wittmann ’19, Christian Charney ’19, Zachary Holmes ’21, Nirali Patel ’19: “Classifying Algae Species on St. John Island”
  • Anathae Wallace ’20, Ashley Donlin ’20, Arianna Berardi ’20, Madison Kuduk ’21: “Predicting Bitcoin Value Based on Tweet Polarity”
  • Ryan Rubery ’19: “Generation an Analysis of Proper Noun Proximity Graphs”
  • Mao Li ’19, JunXuan Jiang ’19: “Humor Recognition with Data Mining Techniques”
  • Miranda Raughley ’20, Theodore Habarth Morales ’19: “Classifying Music by Feature Extraction”
  • Di Zhu ’19, Wen Wang ’19, Yuron Weng ’19: “Data Mining Analysis of Fake / Real Reviews for Hotels”
  • Carlie Banchi ’20, Christopher Lear ’19, Brandon Clemow ’21, Jarrod Howlett ’21: “Discovering Pupil Patterns with Various Visual Simuli”
  • Amy Nguyen ’21, Quynh Vo ’21: “The YouTube Algorithm & its Effect on Monetization”
  • Andy Gonzalez ’19, Brian Muller ’19, Logan Vaughan ’19: “Applying Machine Learning to Determine Patterns in Encryption Methods”
  • Justynn Palmer ’19, James Strouse ’19, Christopher Kolb ’19: “Cyber Securing the Future”
  • Kin Lu ’19, Justin Duong ’19: “Smart Menu—A Mobile App That Understands a Foreign Menu Without Knowing the Language”