The Power of Mentorship and Education

By Maria Tanner | August 15, 2017

By Erika Raskay ’18

As a political science major, I felt that I was expected to join my peers in seeking internships and volunteerism with campaign programs, local politicians and government agencies. However, through the Honors Program at Arcadia, I was able to broaden my academic and professional horizons. Through connections the program provided me, I was able to participate in student-teaching and mentoring programs in the area which was an extremely rewarding learning experience. Through teaching, mentoring and learning with students in my community, I found my unique path of learning and career passion, and I do not think I would have pursued such programs without the support of AU Honors.”

Erika is the student leader of our College Access Mentoring Program where students are trained at Arcadian preparation to mentor high school students at a local Philadelphia high school. Once a week, students learn about college related issues such as how to apply for college financial aid, SAT/ACT prep, and they also use their Honors Leadership training to prepare experiences in self-reflection, advocacy, use of resources, interviewing, etc. They then go to our partner school once a week and mentor students. They have built important relationships and helped many students get closer to the joy of a college education.