Posting Policy

Policy Title Posting Policy
Policy Category Facilities, Equipment, and Property
Original Policy Approval Date December 22, 2020
Responsible Office Office of the Provost
Related Policies Dissent and Demonstrations Policy; Guest Speaker Policy (to be published at a future date); Principles of Open Expression
Policies Superseded Faculty Handbook, Student Handbook
Frequency of Review 3 Years
Date of Next Review December 22, 2023
Date of Revision  

I. Scope

This Policy applies to students, faculty, staff, volunteers, Organizations, alumni, visitors, and guests of the University who post information on University Property. In support of the University’s Principles of Open Expression, this Policy sets out expectations for posting signs, flyers, information, posters, and similar on University Property.

II. Policy Statement

The purpose of this Policy is to set expectations regarding the posting of signs, flyers, information, posters, and similar on University Property. In support of the University’s Principles of Open Expression, the University affirms, fosters, and encourages the opportunity to post signs, flyers, information, posters, and similar as a natural dynamic of a thriving community, while recognizing that with this right comes important responsibilities.

III. Policy

  1. Posting on University Property is reserved for University departments, professors for courses, sponsors of University-Sponsored Events, and University-recognized Organizations.
  2. University and Academic Departments are advised to seek guidance from Conference and Event Services and/or Student Affairs before posting to determine appropriate location for posting.
  3. Student Organizations should review materials with their advisers prior to posting.
  4. It is the responsibility of the department or Organization to take down flyers within two (2) business days from the time that the event has occurred or when the information is no longer valid. If there is no expiration date on the information being provided, the information should be taken down one (1) month following the time that it was posted.
  5. Postings that are deemed harmful in nature; advertise distribution of alcohol or other controlled substances; promote hatred or physical, verbal, or emotional violence; or use Bias-Related Speech will be removed immediately and should be reported to Student Affairs.
  6. Outside groups wishing to post on University Property must be sponsored by a University department or recognized Organization.
  7. All postings must have contact information for a responsible party on campus so that individuals can contact them with questions.
  8. All postings should contain the following statement: “If you require disability accommodations in order to participate in this event, please contact the responsible party listed on this flyer.”
  9. All postings must have a date in the lower right corner when the posting was posted and a date when the posting expires and should be taken down.
  10. All postings must be displayed in a safe and appropriate manner, without obstructing views in windows or doors to offices, residence halls, etc.

V. Definitions

Bias-Related Speech is conduct that violates the University’s Interim Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy (e.g. conduct which would constitute what that Policy defines as a Bias Incident).

An Organization is an association, club, corporation, order, service, society, social, or similar group, whose members are primarily students or alumni of the University, or a national or international organization with which such an Organization is affiliated. Organization includes sports teams such as athletics, intramural, and recreation teams.

University refers to Arcadia University, its colleges, schools, affiliates, divisions, and subsidiaries.

University Property includes, without limitation, all University-owned or leased buildings and surrounding areas such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways, plazas, parking lots, and garages under the University’s ownership or control, excluding public rights of way. This includes the Glenside and Christiana campuses, as well as any other University facilities in the United States.

University-Sponsored Events specifically for the purposes of this Policy are events held on University-owned, leased, or rented property when a specific department, recognized student Organization, or University entity sponsors the event.

VI. Effective Date

This Policy is effective on the date that it is signed by the President

VII. Date of Approval

December 22, 2020