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Arcadia University School of Education partnering with AIM Institute for Learning & Research

Pathways to Proficient Reading 
Participants of AIM’s Pathways to Proficient Reading Course are eligible to enroll for 3 graduate credits through Arcadia University

Cost:$450 for the course ($150/credit)
Registration open dates: Registration for Arcadia University graduate credit opens 30 days prior to the AIM Pathways course end date. 
Registration close dates: Registration STEPS 1-3 are required to be completed prior to the AIM Pathways course end date.
Payment: Due at the time of registration

Before Enrolling for Graduate Credit, review this Important Information:

  • The registration process STEPS 1-3 must be completed prior to the Pathways course end date*.
  • Incomplete registrations and/or registrations not received by the course end date are not processed.
  • Payment in full is required at the time of registration.
  • All Fees paid to register for graduate credit for AIM Pathways course are non- refundable.

*AIM Pathways course end dates used are as noted on the Arcadia registration form.

How to Enroll for Graduate Credit:


Complete a Request to Register for graduate credit form.  
  •  Course registration for Arcadia graduate credit opens 30 days prior to your Pathways course end date*.  
  • Course registration for Arcadia graduate credit is not accepted after the end date* of your Pathways course.
  • *See course end dates on the registration form

Complete Request to Register Form


Create Your Personal Profile
  • A personal profile account is first required for a finalized course registration to be added to your account. 
  • Go to: Self-Service
  • Click on Create a New Account. Be sure to follow instructions for creating your password.


Payment Due and Completing Registration
  • Using the paypal form below, submit your payment to Arcadia for the course. 
  • Payment in full is required to complete the registration process.
  • The fee ($450) for graduate credit is non-refundable 
  • Once your payment has been received, your registration is finalized and you are enrolled in the course.      
AIM Course Start Date


Final Grades and Transcripts
  • At the conclusion of your Pathways course*, Arcadia is provided your final grade for transcribing and your final grade will be entered on your transcript. 
  • Unofficial transcripts are available to current Arcadia students free of charge. Students access them directly through their Self-Service account.
  • Official transcripts are available to students and alumni for a fee. The cost per transcript depends on the method of delivery.  Request an official transcript 
  • * See course end dates on registration form