Student Government Organization

Our Mission

Arcadia University’s Student Government Organization (SGO) is dedicated to serving Arcadia’s undergraduate population and providing an outlet for student voice. SGO encourages active participation within the university’s community and also promotes self-advocacy for all students. We are focused on enhancing the Arcadia experience through positive changes to campus. The organization aims to encourage student leadership through collaboration between Arcadia staff, faculty, and the student body.


All full-time and part-time undergraduate students of Arcadia University may be members of the Student Government Organization in three different ways:

  • The Senate. To serve as a Senator in Student Government, one must complete a petition by receiving thirty signatures from thirty unique undergraduate students throughout campus. Each signature is a confirmation of support for the candidate. The petitions become available at the beginning of every semester. A Senator must have at least a 2.5 GPA and be in good academic and judicial standing. In addition, a senator must not miss more than two meetings, unexcused. All senators must actively participate in at least one of the four Senate committees in SGO (see section below).
  • The House of Representatives. One representative from each SGO recognized Student organization must attend the bi-weekly meetings. It is the Representative’s responsibility to bring important information back to their student organization meetings and to share their club information with the SGO.
  • Delegates. Any students may attend any of the SGO meetings throughout the academic year. They will not be held accountable for the same responsibilities as the Senate and House of Representatives. While they are allowed to participate in SGO discussions, they do not have the privilege to vote on any discussions held in any of the SGO meetings.


Members of the Senate are divided into four committees based on interest. Committees meet bi-weekly to discuss the committee’s assigned projects. In addition, one Executive Board member acts as the liaison between the committee and the executive board. The following are the Committees of SGO:

  • The Student Services Committee is dedicated to addressing issues related to student resources and services. Committee members will specifically seek out student concerns, complaints and accolades that can be communicated and addressed through student action. A strong focus on: Dining Services, Engagement and New Student Programs, Residence and Commuter Life, Athletics, etc.
  • The Academic Services Committee is dedicated to addressing issues related to students’ academic experience. Committee members will serve on the Undergraduate Academic Program Committee (UAPC). This committee advocates on behalf of students and communicates academic questions, concerns and updates to students and key members of Academic Affairs. A strong focus on: Academic Advising, Learning Resource Network, Undergraduate Curriculum, etc.
  • The Facilities Committee is dedicated addressing issues impacting campus safety, facilities, maintenance and technology. Committee members will address infrastructure and technology issues which impact students ability to function in and outside the classroom. Members will also serve on the Parking Committee and are responsible for reviewing parking appeals. A strong focus on: Physical Plant, Conference Services, Public Safety, IT, Parking Committee, etc.
  • The Budgetary Committee oversees funding for student organizations. Committee members decide and manage the allocation of over $300,000 in Student Activities Fees to all SGO recognized student organizations.  The Treasurer shall preside over the Budgetary Committee. Strong focus on: Student Organization Allocation, Violation of Budgetary Guidelines, etc.

SGO Officers

Lisa M Disalvo


Julie Edmundson



Haley Rose Finelli

Politics, Government and Law


Michael Johnson

Politics, Government & Law


SGO Advisors

Dian Taylor-Alleyne

Associate Dean of Students

Trever Fike

Assistant Director, Engagement and New Student Programs