Provost Staff

Office of the Provost

John R. Hoffman

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Tom Egan

Deputy Provost

Sandi Crenshaw

Associate Provost

Kristin O. Judge

Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs

Will Paddock

Director of Institutional Research

Kate Hanley

Administrative Manager

Colleges & Schools

Kim Dean

Chair, School of Education

Rebecca L. Craik


College of Health Sciences

Warren R. Haffar


Office of International Affairs

Rebecca E. Kohn


College of Arts and Sciences

Andy Law

Academic Dean

The College of Global Studies

Nancy G. Rosoff


Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Tom Brinker

Professor / Dean / Executive Director, Domestic MBA Program

School of Global Business

Adam N. Hess

Assistant Professor / Interim Associate Dean

Landman Library

Judy Dalton

Associate Dean

Office of Institutional Diversity

Bill Elnick


Office of the Registrar

Bruce Keller

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Mary Kate R. McNulty

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Nataliia Shablia

Director of Sponsored Research

Office of Sponsored Research and Programs

Richard Torchia

Gallery Director

Arcadia University Art Gallery

Support and Staff

Marcia Grimaldi

Administrative Assistant

Faculty Senate