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Dr. Hilary Parsons Dick

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Hilary Parsons Dick, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of International Studies, completed her Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. She investigates Mexico-U.S. migration from the perspectives of discourse analysis; the political economies of language; and gender, class, and ethno-racial relations. She joins Arcadia University after tenures as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Haverford College and as a Fellow at the University of Chicago's Center for Latin American Studies and Temple University's Center for the Humanities. Dr. Dick teaches courses on globalization, development, and human rights; transnational migration; Latin American cultures, histories, and economies; research methods and writing; crime and punishment; and the language practices of migrants. Her ethnographic research is located in Guanajuato, Mexico and Pennsylvania. Dr. Dick's book, "Words of Passage: A Discourse-Centered Approach to Migration," examines how the social imaginaries that encourage Migration from Mexico are produced in everyday talk. Her new research concerns the criminalization of Mexican migrants and racializing discourses of sovereignty in anti-immigrant ordinances in small Pennsylvania towns.

Recent Publications

Authored by Hilary Parsons Dick

  • 2011. “Language and Migration to the United States.” Annual Review of Anthropology 40: 227-240. (PDF)
  • 2011. “Making Immigrants Illegal in Small Town USA.” Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 21(s1): e35-e55. (PDF)
  • 2010. “Imagined Lives and Modernist Chronotopes in Mexican Non-Migrant Discourse.” American Ethnologist 37(2): 275-290. (PDF)
  • 2010. “No Option but to Go: Poetic Rationalization and the Discursive Production of Mexican Migrant Identity.” Language and Communication 30(2): 90-108. (PDF)
  • 2006. “What Do You Do With ‘I Don’t Know’: Processes of Elicitation in Ethnographic vs. Survey Interviews.” Qualitative Sociology 29(1): 87-102.  This article was reprinted in Data Collection, ed. W. Paul Vogt. 2010. London: Sage Publications. (PDF)


  • Dick, Hilary Parsons, and Kristina Wirtz. 2011. “Racializing Discourse,” special issue journal. Journal ofLinguistic Anthropology 21(s1): e2-e122.
  • Dick, Hilary Parsons, and Kristina Wirtz 2011. “Introduction—Racializing Discourses,” co-authored with Kristina Wirtz. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 21(s1): e2-e10.  (PDF)

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