Big Transition, Big Adventures as FYSAE Students Depart

By whitlocd | August 31, 2010

By Sarah R. Schwartz ’10

From New Jersey and California to London and Scotland, 26 Arcadia University first-year students jump-started their global pursuits. They departed from Glenside on Monday, Aug. 30, and boarded planes as part of Arcadia’s distinctive First Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE). The students will be studying in two locations, London, England, and Stirling, Scotland.

Fourteen freshmen traveled to London, England, to study at the City University of London where they will experience multicultural, contemporary and global London as their campus through Arcadia’s London Now program. The program combines courses taught through Arcadia University as well as City University of London. Students are housed with other American students studying abroad through Arcadia in one of two Arcadia-run facilities.

Twelve freshmen traveled to Stirling, Scotland, to study at University of Stirling, where they will experience campus life. Students take a full course load at the university and are housed in on-campus residence halls with other first-year Scottish and international students. All FYSAE students will participate in co-curricular explorations include a home stay with a Scottish or British family and an Adventure Weekend.

“I’m really into theater so for me London is the perfect place to go. I’m most excited for the classes because we get to go see basically free shows in London,” said Jared Manders ’14, an Acting major studying in London.

Candida Toribio ’14 will be studying in Scotland and said, “I’m just excited to experience what it will be like to live and study in a different country.”

“I chose this program because it’s an opportunity like none other,” said Troy Healy ’14, a Political Science major. “I’m most excited to be in a different country—new people, new faces, new experiences.”

International Studies major Amanda Ekstein ’14, said, “I figured if I was going to go to college, a huge transition, why not just make it really big?”

Danielle Bartholomew ’14, International Studies major, and Emily Young ’14, Communications major, will be studying in London. They met during summer orientation. Each of them having a little experience and a great fondness for traveling, they were quick friends.

Bartholomew says, “This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. “I’m looking forward to finding adventure and maybe even picking up a British accent.”