IU Student Compares Cultures Through Arcadia

By schwartzsa | May 13, 2011

The May 1 edition of the Indiana Daily Student featured an article by Indiana University (IU) student, Sarah Hann, who discusses her experiences studying abroad through Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies.

IU co-sponsors a program with Arcadia University that sens students to London for a semester to not only take class, but also get internship experience.

More than anything, working in an office in the center of London has taught me a lot more than taking a couple of classes did. All emails are to be addressed very formally; even inter-office emails between colleagues are proper. Once an hour or so, someone jumps up and gets everyone a round of tea.

But it wasn’t just office customs that gave me insight into the Brits; talking to my co-workers taught me a lot more—everything from why Queen Elizabeth’s husband is a prince rather than a king to the political and social as well as religious importance of the Christmas season.

Working in a foreign country was an invaluable experience. I was completely immersed in another culture. News from home seemed very far away. Except for Facebook and Skype, I was completely set apart from home. And it was incredible.