Theater Takes 10 for Political Action

By Caitlin Burns | March 13, 2017

Theater students participated in The Ghostlight Project’s “Thank You 10” movement on March 8. With “Thank you 10” a common phrase in theater, with cast and crew replying that when a stage manager calls a 10-minute break, members of the Theater Arts program used their break to call their state and federal Congressional representatives to voice their opinions on the Affordable Care Act, marriage equality, budget funding, First Amendment rights, and reproductive rights.

Rob Napoli, managing director of Theater Arts, said there were calls made to representatives from across the country.

“The main goal of this exercise was to realize that if you love or hate what’s going on, you have the right to tell your representative,” said Napoli.

The Ghostlight Project is a national movement to resist intolerance, spread compassion, and ensure inclusion by creating “brave spaces” within the theater arts community.